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What Is Hanuman Chalisa?

Lot many who are associated with Hinduism are familiar with word Hanuman Chalisa but who are not Hindu they might not have idea about who is Lord Hanuman . Actually it’s stotra or say hymn addressed to hindu religion Lord Rama devotee Shree Hanuman .

It’s mentioned in hindu holy book that these 40 chaupais on Hanuman authored by great Tulsidas in ancient Awadhi language . The word Chalisa means forty (40) and it’s connected to the lord Hanuman name because this strotas have 40 verses excluding the couplets at starting and end of hymn .

It considered that who having fear of non divine energy and ghosts and if they sings this hymn on Hanuman they fear keeps away from him / her because the lord Hanuman who is energetic and powerful one having power to fight with those non divine energies . And that’s the reason Hindus also tell him Bajrang Bali which means Bajrang as name of Hanuman and Bali means full of power and energy .

Lord Hanuman having lot many names such as Hanuman , Bajrang Bali , Pavanputra and many more . He also considered as avatar of Lord Shiva by many hindus . Even in Gujarat considers Saturday and Uttar Pradesh considers Tuesday as a day of Hanuman on that day people applied Sindoor and Oil to Hanumanji and sings Hanuman Chalisa till late night .

Here we will provide all information about strotas such as lyrics , chalisa in Hindi and English , Videos , MP3, Chalisa PDF for download and many more.

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